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Term Insurance and Long-Term Care Quotes

Often people we talk with just want to get a feel for what LTC or Life Insurance will cost them. For many people, cheap term is a fine alternative. For others, term that can be changed into permanent insurance which WILL NOT terminate before THEY DO (death) is the wisest purchase. If you would like to learn more about term insurance and/or Long-Term Care costs, please see the links below. We have a very consultative approach to recommending the proper insurance, whether life, long-term care, or otherwise. Our first meeting is confidential and complimentary and our first goal is to inform.

If you would like a Long-Term Care Insurance quote, please click here: and e-mail Michael.

Please include in your e-mail your Date of Birth, your Spouse's Date of Birth, any health issues that you or your Spouse have had, whether you smoke, if you used to smoke, please indicate when you quit. Please also indicate your parents' ages if they are alive. If either of your parents are deceased, please let us know what their age was when they did pass away, and whether either of your parents did or does need skilled nursing home care and/or home health care. As always, your information is personal and confidential and will stay that way. We do not give your information to anyone and we store all of your information in a locked, secure place. We appreciate this opportunity to help you!


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