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Charitable Giving

There are many local and national charities which do wonderful things to improve the lives of those in our communities. If you have questions about donating to charity and the effects doing so might have on your finances, e-mail or call Michael to discuss this.  He has seen first hand how these organizations benefit those they serve.  Below, in no particular order, are some of his favorites:

Equinox -- -- Equinox works to strengthen families whenever that is possible, which may involve working with several members of a family simultaneously.

The World Wildlife Foundation --

The United Way Foundation --

Temple Beth El --

St. Edwards --

Pine Street Inn --

Parsons Child and Family Center -- -- A charitable foundation dedicated to the protection of the natural environment. -- A site dedicated to donating your old piece of !@$% to get $$$ and help others in need.

Corpus Christi Church --

Big Brothers & Big Sisters -- -- Albany Habitat for Humanity.

You may also want to look at: -- A website which you can use to compare charities! See what the top execs make, see how efficiently the organizations are run. See how they compare to other similar charities in the area.

If you have a charity to recommend to our website, please send Michael an e-mail at